Interior Designer

Realm Building Design crafts authentic interiors that are a fluent expression of the personality and lifestyle of the occupants. We help you to express your individual style and balance the various design elements of your interior spaces to form a cohesive whole.

Creative exploration of your personal style preferences

Design, styling, sourcing, and project management in one place

Guidance and inspiration to achieve more than you could have ever imagined

We are interior designers that give our clients the confidence to freely express themselves through the spaces they inhabit.

There is something truly joyful and uplifting about being in someone’s home that reflects who they are, what they love to do and the beautiful things they have.

People often underestimate the importance of self expression within the home, getting caught up in the newness and not giving enough thought to the feel, the soul and heart of the home. Each person has a unique style that can become an intrinsic part of their space, within the architecture and design of their home.

“I’m always telling my clients: dare to be different! Your interior spaces are all about you – and that’s okay!”
– Janita Norman, Lead Designer

By working closely with our team, you will find your inner stylistic voice, and be inspired by the potential of what your space could become. We will help you to discover what you love – old and new – and develop an interior design aesthetic that sparks joy in your day-to-day life.

When renovating you can express your personal style within the framework of your existing spaces.

We are your guide from planning and design, to building and beyond.

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Design Consultation and Schematics

Design Consultation and Schematics

4-6 Weeks
Your building design journey starts with an in-depth design consultation to discuss your vision and capture your requirements. This is followed by design of high-level creative schematic drawings.
Design Development

Design Development

2-4 Weeks
Once we are heading in the right direction with schematics, we will spend a couple of weeks honing the design to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Interior and Landscape Design

Interior and Landscape Design

2-3 Weeks
A key part of our holistic approach to building design, is including interior design and landscape design at the foundational stage of the project, rather than it being an afterthought at a later date.
Planning Approvals

Planning Approvals

8-12 Weeks
Next we prepare plans and supporting information for planning approval. This step can take as little as a week to many months, depending on the level of information needed to address the relevant planning provisions.
Construction Phase

Construction Phase

9 Months Plus
Depending on your preference, we will hand the project over to you at this stage, or continue with you in an advisory capacity, shepherding the project to successful completion.

Your style, your life, your home…
why be the same as everyone else?

Expressing your individual style in your home can be a major challenge.

Having the confidence to be different, to stand apart from the crowd, and pinpointing exactly what is YOUR style is often difficult. And knowing how to express this style through your interior spaces is another challenge altogether.

I love helping people to get in touch with their aesthetic heart, examining their lives and great loves to get to the core of what makes them happy. – Janita Norman, Lead Designer
Rivergums House features interior spaces that are clean and minimal, allowing this riverside holiday home to provide a refreshing contrast to the owner's period home in Melbourne.

Interrogating taste and style

Every person’s idea of what is beautiful is different, informed by one’s life experiences and creative influences.

While style trends come and go, your taste endures and if you stay true to that with your interiors, then you will have a home that is at once beautiful, practical, and an authentic expression of your individuality.

Challenging assumptions

It is helpful to step back and consider your perspective on style, to examine the known and unknown assumptions that inform your stylistic choices.

Here are a few challenging questions that will help you to explore your own sense of style:

  • Does your home doesn’t have to look like every other house in the Street?
    Classic, traditional, or contemporary – your style is your choice and regardless of what you choose, if it is true to you, then it will feel right and be attractive.
  • Are your stylistic choices consistent and cohesive?
    Define your style and stick to it. Trying to combine too many looks in one home creates confusion and works against the overall idea.
  • Are you (intentionally or unconsciously) chasing the latest trends?
    Seasonal trends will date as fashion changes. Don’t be tempted to be drawn off path midway through the project or because you have seen an exciting new idea on Instagram.
  • Are you trusting your instincts and staying true to yourself?
    Go with what feels right for you – this is your home. Just because your friend painted the entire interior of their home Antique White and it looks great for them, it may not be the best choice for your home or really suit you.
  • Are there treasured items that are central to your interior style going forward?
    Review your treasured items: that gorgeous comfy chair, the framed prints, the opulent and oversized sofa. If these things are the essence of your style, then the design should work around them. Old and new can be combined successfully with the right treatments. Antique furniture can look awesome in a very contemporary home if the styling is right.
  • Are you holding on to things that don't bring you joy?
    A new home or renovation is a great time to eliminate things you don’t need or that you don’t really love.
The interior spaces in Yea House are warm and inviting, with a personal style that is reflective of the personality of the owners.

Guiding you through the entire interior design journey

We will be there with you from start to finish as you set your style, make product selections, and assist you to engage contractors to implement your new interiors.

Stylistic direction

Tease out your personal taste and style and set the creative direction for the project.

Colour palette

Establish a consistent palette of colours that will be expressed through paint, tiles, finishes, and furnishings.


Find lighting that will impart a mood and tone that reflects your style, be it light-filled and airy, or warm and welcoming, or dark and intense.

Curtains and blinds

Control how outside light interacts with your internal space, and frame the vistas your windows provide with curtains and blinds that match your style and provide the right functional benefits.


Combine existing and new furniture to support your lifestyle and reflect your aesthetics.

Decor and soft furnishings

Finish off your spaces with items of decor and soft furnishings that add interest and personal expression.

All of these elements in balance form a cohesive whole that is your unique interior style.