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Realm Building Design takes a holistic view of house design, crafting singular homes that spark joy through the integration of building design, interiors and landscape design into a cohesive whole. Our homes are an expression of the lifestyle and priorities of the people who occupy them.

Bespoke home designs tailored to the lifestyle and needs of each client

A creative and collaborative multidisciplinary team

End-to-end design and project management services

We are designers of unique custom homes that support and enhance the lifestyles of those who inhabit them.

Our design process encompasses the entirety of the home, from the central building, through the interior design, and the surrounding landscape design. This all-encompassing perspective on house design is filtered through a lens of bettering the lives of the people who live there, and in this way we are able to design homes that are at once beautiful, functional, and perfectly suited to how you live your life.

“We place a special importance on getting to know our clients and how they live in their home, so we can translate their unique way of life into a one-of-a-kind design that acts as a singular expression of their individuality.”
– Janita Norman, Lead Building Designer

Realm Building Design brings together: building design, interior design, landscape design, drafting, and project management, all under one (virtual) roof.

We are your guide from planning and design, to building and beyond.

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Design Consultation and Schematics

Design Consultation and Schematics

4-6 Weeks
Your building design journey starts with an in-depth design consultation to discuss your vision and capture your requirements. This is followed by design of high-level creative schematic drawings.
Design Development

Design Development

2-4 Weeks
Once we are heading in the right direction with schematics, we will spend a couple of weeks honing the design to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Interior and Landscape Design

Interior and Landscape Design

2-3 Weeks
A key part of our holistic approach to building design, is including interior design and landscape design at the foundational stage of the project, rather than it being an afterthought at a later date.
Planning Approvals

Planning Approvals

8-12 Weeks
Next we prepare plans and supporting information for planning approval. This step can take as little as a week to many months, depending on the level of information needed to address the relevant planning provisions.
Construction Phase

Construction Phase

9 Months Plus
Depending on your preference, we will hand the project over to you at this stage, or continue with you in an advisory capacity, shepherding the project to successful completion.

Experienced designers of bespoke homes for families that value design and individuality.

14 Design Tips for Successful Project Planning

Our must-have guide to designing your dream home.

A successful home design project begins with an excellent design brief; it is vital to understand your vision for the new home, and to be able to articulate it to your chosen building designers.

This guide will give you 14 handy prompts, important info, and design guidance, that will help you to gain the clarity you need to embark on this exciting journey.

About House Design with Realm Building Design

House designers that understand your needs

A founding principle of our practice is that a well-designed home – one that has been designed specifically for you, your family, and your lifestyle – will make your life easier.

A well-designed home will flow, everything will have its place, and you will wonder how you ever lived anywhere else. This vision is our guide when setting out on every home design project.

We start by preparing a comprehensive design brief and exploring the things that are important to you; the things you want to achieve within your home – and even the things that do your head in!

We believe that good design enriches our lives, not only does it enhance our quality of life by creating beautiful, authentic spaces in which to live, but it also allows us to operate with ease, flow and efficiency in our homes and everyday lives.

Yea House takes advantage of an elevated position and unrestricted orientation to optimise passive solar heating and cooling.

Why you need a custom home designer

So many houses built today are merely pieced together: an assembly of rooms built to a formula with no thought as to how the home functions and how it encompasses the people who live within the walls.

There's a difference between simply having a room, and a room you love that meets and exceeds your expectations. As designers, we design spaces creatively and informatively to elicit just this feeling – like the perfect dress or a well-tailored suit.

The award-winning Rivergums House is a riverside sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city.

What sets Realm Building Design apart from the rest?

We are a design practice comprising a dynamic collective of creative designers and technicians working collaboratively to achieve aspiring design outcomes for our clients.

Your new home is for keeps and you need to get it right – you want to make really sure that your home expresses your individual style, is totally unique, has the wow factor, and that you achieve what you set out to do: to create YOUR remarkable home.

Like people, no two locations are the same, and we believe that no two homes should be the same. Your site deserves something special, so why would you take advice from those that are not design professionals, or deal with someone who doesn't listen, understand your ideas and is just not on the same page?

We understand that you want to be fully immersed in the project but at the same time need help with the myriad decisions that must be made... it's no wonder so many people become overwhelmed and come to a standstill before they ever start their forever home project!

With Realm Building Design you will be fully informed and in a great position to avoid common mistakes which will save your valuable time, your emotional energy and your money.

So let's get started...