Renovation Designer

Realm Building Design has a special talent and extensive experience with design of renovations and extensions, especially in working with classic architectural styles and buildings with heritage overlays.

Multidisciplinary team lead by a qualified heritage designer

Comprehensive design, documentation and project management

Adept with both heritage-appropriate and contrasting modern design styles

We design renovations and extensions that expand the functionality of your home while respecting the fabric of the existing building.

Whether you're adding a pergola and pool, extending to add a much-needed room, remodelling wet areas, or totally reimagining the interior spaces throughout the entire home, our team of designers, draftspeople, and project managers can give you a sense of direction and structure, and ensure that the project goes off as hassle-free as possible.

Banyula Park House, a project from way back in 2010, still stands as an excellent example of a renovation that made the most of a modest budget to transform an existing space.
Norman House, a progressive series of renovations over a 15-year period, has breathed new life into this grand Federation style home and allowed the owners to express their own unique sense of style while retaining the significant heritage elements.

We are your guide from planning and design, to building and beyond.

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Design Consultation and Schematics

Design Consultation and Schematics

4-6 Weeks
Your building design journey starts with an in-depth design consultation to discuss your vision and capture your requirements. This is followed by design of high-level creative schematic drawings.
Design Development

Design Development

2-4 Weeks
Once we are heading in the right direction with schematics, we will spend a couple of weeks honing the design to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Interior and Landscape Design

Interior and Landscape Design

2-3 Weeks
A key part of our holistic approach to building design, is including interior design and landscape design at the foundational stage of the project, rather than it being an afterthought at a later date.
Planning Approvals

Planning Approvals

8-12 Weeks
Next we prepare plans and supporting information for planning approval. This step can take as little as a week to many months, depending on the level of information needed to address the relevant planning provisions.
Construction Phase

Construction Phase

9 Months Plus
Depending on your preference, we will hand the project over to you at this stage, or continue with you in an advisory capacity, shepherding the project to successful completion.

Renovations and extensions that add value to beloved homes.

10 Heritage Design Tips

Practical tips for designing your next heritage renovation.

Our clients are often surprised when they find out just how much they can do with their heritage listed building. We created this document to dispel some of the most prevalent myths about working with heritage buildings, so that you have a solid foundation on the can-dos, can't-dos, and things to be aware of.

Heritage building design services

Our principal building designer, Janita Norman, has been instrumental in preserving and developing the historic architecture in Echuca, and further afield in Victoria and southern New South Wales. For the last 25 years, Janita's talents have contributed to many of the most significant buildings in our beloved hometown.

With wealth of experience and specialist knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to deliver on your heritage project. We appreciate, respect and enjoy working with all meaningful buildings, be it a Victorian villa or a mid-century modern house.

  • Heritage design
  • Heritage advisory services
  • Heritage site review and assessments
  • Heritage impact statements (aka 'Statement of Heritage Impacts')
  • Building condition assessments
  • Heritage permits (experienced with both local and state permits in Victoria and New South Wales)
  • Conservation advice and strategies for implementation of works

Learn more about our heritage services on this page.

Norman House has seen little change since it was built in 1905 and most of the original features are still in place.