Restaurant and Bar Designer

Realm Building Design creates restaurants and bars that position your venue in the competitive landscape, increasing patronage with singular designs fit the space, suit the building, and produce an unforgettable atmosphere.

Careful balancing of business goals and compliance requirements

Integrated design encompassing building, interiors, and landscaping

End-to-end service from concept through to completion

We are restaurant and bar designers who know how to craft intimate human experiences that your customers will keep coming back for.

We take a birds-eye view when embarking on any building design project, and in the case of design for restaurants and bars, this encompasses your vision and demands of the space, the behaviours and preferences of your patrons (and/or potential patrons), the local competitive marketplace situation, regulatory requirements, and any time or budget constraints.

“We focus on individuality with a view to establishing a distinct and memorable point of difference for the venue.”
– Janita Norman, Lead Building Designer

We research the marketplace of other venues like yours to understand the competitors. We explore multiple options in style and create a consistent overall style, mood, look and feel that utilises lighting, texture, colour, and soft furnishings to present a unified aesthetic vision.

We are your guide from planning and design, to building and beyond.

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Design Consultation and Schematics

Design Consultation and Schematics

4-6 Weeks
Your building design journey starts with an in-depth design consultation to discuss your vision and capture your requirements. This is followed by design of high-level creative schematic drawings.
Design Development

Design Development

2-4 Weeks
Once we are heading in the right direction with schematics, we will spend a couple of weeks honing the design to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Interior and Landscape Design

Interior and Landscape Design

2-3 Weeks
A key part of our holistic approach to building design, is including interior design and landscape design at the foundational stage of the project, rather than it being an afterthought at a later date.
Planning Approvals

Planning Approvals

8-12 Weeks
Next we prepare plans and supporting information for planning approval. This step can take as little as a week to many months, depending on the level of information needed to address the relevant planning provisions.
Construction Phase

Construction Phase

9 Months Plus
Depending on your preference, we will hand the project over to you at this stage, or continue with you in an advisory capacity, shepherding the project to successful completion.
10 Heritage Design Tips

Practical tips for designing your next heritage renovation.

Our clients are often surprised when they find out just how much they can do with their heritage listed building. We created this document to dispel some of the most prevalent myths about working with heritage buildings, so that you have a solid foundation on the can-dos, can't-dos, and things to be aware of.

We have the creative talent and practical experience to ensure that your project delivers on time, on budget, connects with your customers, and delivers results.

Planning, permits, & compliance

Commercial building projects require extensive analysis of the site conditions and regulatory requirements, all of which will influence the design solution. And hospitality venues have additional layers of regulatory requirements pertaining to foodservice, customer amenities, and health and safety.

Our structured planning, design, and project management processes ensure that the many factors are considered and accounted for, while your vision for the space stays at the forefront at all times.

“When designing commercial spaces there are myriad practical considerations as to how the spaces work, how they present and unify with the client’s brand and philosophy.”
– Janita Norman, Lead Building Designer
The heritage-accurate bar at the heritage listed Star Hotel enabled this adaptive reuse renovation to gain heritage approval while achieving the client's goal of converting a cafe space into a fully-fledged restaurant and bar.

Specialists in commercial building design within a heritage context

Our lead building designer, Janita Norman, is a qualified heritage designer and has significant hands-on experience in navigating the heritage register and successfully developing buildings that are under heritage constraints.

“As a building designer I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely on many buildings and structures. The guiding principle of my heritage work is in understanding the importance of managing change on building fabric, use and significance to conserve the buildings for the future.”
Janita Norman, Lead Building Designer & Qualified Heritage Designer

Learn more about our heritage building design services here